Customization on flutes


Customization request: a. For customization request, we have made a special instruction box in which the customer can ask for engraving & threading. b. Engraving: By default, the words - OM (ॐ... Read More

How to clean fungus


Sometimes fungus grows on the bansuri in humid and cold areas, or when the bansuri is left unused for a long time. To remove the fungus, use a very soft cotton cloth and repeat the process after eve... Read More

Cleaning Rod


When you play a flute, you are blowing moist air into the blowing hole, and people often store their flutes away immediately after playing, cutting the air supply. This moisture can cause fungus growt... Read More

Bansuri Tuning


All the Punam Flutes bansuri tuning is looked after by Subhash Thakur himself. We make two kinds of Bansuri flute/Carnatic Flutes Read More

Payment Methods


Friends, we offer various Payment Methods to complete your order. Some of them are Online Payments via PayPal, - Razorpay Both of these payment gateways accept credit & debit cards. We also accept pa... Read More

Bansuri Maintenance


Bamboo for making bansuri is found in the extremely humid parts of the world. As this bamboo is not anymore near to its native place i.e. it shall be taken to air conditioned studios, out-door per... Read More