How to clean fungus

10 min read | 18 Sep 2021
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How to clean fungus


When you play a flute, you are blowing moist air into the blowing hole, and people often store their flutes away immediately after playing, cutting the air supply. This moisture can cause fungus growth and can be harmful for your bansuri flute. And if not cleaned before your next practice session, you might end up inhaling the dust & fungus that’s formed on the flute.

To address this problem, we have specially designed a flute-cleaning rod, one of its kind that does the job of cleaning deep inside the flute. The biggest advantage if that it’s foldable, very easily portable and can be stored in the same flute bag/case.

The cleaning rod very thoughtfully designed by us, comes in two setups, four 8-inch rods and five 8-inch rods, which can be screwed & joined together to clean bigger flutes. Once done, you can easily unscrew it and store it back.

To clean the fungus, we take a small piece of cotton cloth that is easy to slip inside the bansuri flute. Then, we wet the cloth and rinse all the water out of it. The damp cloth is then wrapped around the tip of the rod and used to clean the inside of the bansuri flute.

After cleaning, we take the cloth off the tip and rinse it again and repeat the process until the inside of the flute is clean. After cleaning, we need to make sure that the flute is dried in air and there is no moisture left in the bansuri flute or else it will develop fungus again.

We requests fluteplayers to not store their flutes immediately after playing but this problem persists.

As much time as you spend on your Riyaz, flute care and maintenance is an integral part of the making sure your instrument is performing to its full potential.

As we live in cities with high density of dust particles & pollutants, the flute should be cleaned from time to time, not only to get rid of the fungus but also if there to keep the Bansuri free of dust or carbon that can get accumulated inside.




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