Bansuri Tuning

5 min read | 10 Oct 2021

Bansuri Tuning

All the Punam Flutes bansuri tuning is looked after by Subhash Thakur himself. We make two kinds of Bansuri flute/Carnatic Flutes

  1. Bansuri(North Indian Bamboo flute): The Bansuri is tuned according to North Indian Hindustani music. This is similar to the tuning of all the wind instruments of the world. So you can play any kind of music like Indian classical, western classical, jazz, arabic, etc. on these Bansuri. If you want to buy Indian bamboo flute then we recommend you this type of Bansuri.
  2. Carnatic flute(South Indian Bamboo flute): These flutes are basically for Carnatic music(South Indian). Only those who are from the Carnatic trend can play these flutes. You are requested to not to buy Carnatic flutes if you not from this trend. 

Each bansuri is accurately tuned with piano A 440 Hz scale. Each bansuri is tuned separately. A lot of time is needed for each bansuri, in order to obtain accurate sounding bansuri.

These bansuri flutes are available for right-handed flute players as well as left handed flute players.

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