Bansuri flute beginners are seldom mislead by this perception that they can do with a sub standard flute/bansuri to begin with. If you are not a pro, why do you need an expensive professional grade instrument? Well, i would like to clarify and suggest my beginner/leanner friends, that you deserve a professional grade bansuri more than anyone else.

Practicing on a perfectly tuned and crafted bansuri from the day one will benefit you immensely in areas which you will not be able to comprehend initially. Proper hand placement, tone reflection and blowing adjustments are suggested and are perhaps only possible with the help of a perfectly crafted bansuri. Infact, you should also trust the Bnasuri maker for this choice in the beginning and take this bansuri to your guru. The combination of these 2 persons in your life shall help you to reach to your debut instrument in the best possible manner.

You perhaps, are not known to your own style of bansuri playing unless you have been playing for some time. The beginners are more often then not clue less about the bansuri selection. We at Punam Flutes can arrange for an online video conference or a personal meeting if you reside in India and hear your playing style. With the help of messengers like skype etc, you can take an appointment with us and show your playing style, fingering, blowing etc in real time while discussing what suits you the best. We shall be more than happy to assist you in this regard anytime Just write us an email at and arrange for an online meeting.

I am compelled to write this article for the very reason that i find that many beginners either discontinue bansuri playing in sometime or face a lot of trouble handling an inferior quality bansuri during their initial months of bansuri learning. I very strongly feel that the progress you will make on a good bansuri chosen from the point of view of your personal statistics will initially expedite your progress in bansuri playing in all dimensions namely flute tone, fingering, pitch accuracy and tone modulation.

A professional, if given a bad or incorrectly pitched flute will still be able to know the differences and is capable of making adjustments in flute playing angles thus compensating for the pitch error of that bansuri. But not the beginners. Hence, most of the beginners are not able to control the pitch inaccuracy of a non professional grade bansuri.

We take spacial care of the beginners who are real seekers of learning this beautiful instrument and help them to reach to a very bonding bansuri as their very first bansuri.

We strongly recommend G natural bass Bansuri for male beginner and A natural bass Bansuri is for female beginner.

Write us your views and reviews on this article in the comments section below and also share your first experiences with your first bansuri.

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