Beginner’s Bansuri flutes


Every flute player has a unique embouchue (the position and use of the lips at the blowing hole of the flute). The holding style also differs from one flautist to another. Some fluteplayers have a sof... Read More

Bansuri Lessons


For Online Bansuri / flute lessons by Great Exponents of Bansuri, you can now contact us for the same. You can get personal online classes globally anytime anywhere. You can avail the classes by msn m... Read More

Bansuri & Meditation with 432 Hz


Meditation through Bansuri flutes / Bamboo Bliss/ Meditate with the Divine Flute/ The Bamboo Flute (Bansuri) and Meditation are a pair made in heaven. You can Meditate Through the Bansuri and reach... Read More