Payment Methods

8 min read | 10 Oct 2021
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Payment Methods

Friends, we offer various Payment Methods to complete your order. Some of them are Online Payments for International customers via PayPal, Razorpay.  Both of these payment gateways accept credit & debit cards.

We also accept payments via Bank Transfer and Cash on Delivery and Pay U,  Rozer pay, Google pay, Phone Pay, PayTM, Bhim, UPI, QR. Code (only in India).

So to enumerate, following methods can be availed to make payments to us:

1. Pay U Biz - (Only for Indian customer Accepts Credit, Debit cards, Bank transfers, EMI, Wallets- Phone Pay, Amazon Pay, Airtel Money (UPI) Other apps)

2. Razorpay- ( All International and Indian customer Credit /Debit card )

3. Paypal - ( All International customer Credit /Debit card and Paypal account)

4. Google Pay -  (Only for Indian customer)

5. Phone Pay- (Only for Indian customer)

6. PayTM- (Only for Indian customer)

7. UPI - (Only for Indian customer)

8. Money transfer- in our bank account ( Only for Indian customer)

9. Cash on Delivery (Only for Indian Customers)

If you face any kind of problem in Online shopping then please mail us and do include the order number in the email or call us on +91 (0) 11 47100174 / 8505922922. We will send you a payment link, you can then proceed with the payment using the invoice.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance.

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