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Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia

I have known Subhash Thakur the popular flute maker from Delhi for the past few years and have seen and also used his flutes in many of my concerts. Some of my student are also playing on the flutes made by him. I find that the quality of his Bansuri is excellent and the bamboos used by him for making the flutes are of very high quality. Also Subhash Thakur is a flute player himself and has a wonderful knowledge of making good tuneful Bansuris. I wish him all the best and a bright future in making the best Bansuris.

Pt. Ronu Majumdar

I am so satisfied with Subhash's Dedication to flute making. He tunes each and every note to 100% perfections. He also brings out the deep tone (jawari). May god bless him so that he can serve all the leading flute players around the world. i am playing his flutes in my concerts with great satisfaction. I am so touched to see the deep love of Subhash in the making of the perfection of Indian Flute(Bansuri)it was much needed for us.

Pt. Rajendra Prasanna

Subhas is very near and dear to me. His Bansuri is really like lord krishna’s blessings to the flute players that it is so tuned and with good jawari. Today, Subhash is the person who makes such melodious and good flutes. It is an era of accelerated technological progress, where rapid and abrupt changes take place around us. In previous days when I started playing, I found very good qualities of bamboo, which is the key material for making good flutes. Those are not available now a days, but Subhas has managed to produce highly tuned flutes, those are very satisfactory and can be played with good “Jawari’. Subhas has proper sense of 'shrutis'. He also has the ability to understand ones need and he can modify the instrument accordingly. He is an experienced flute maker who is struggling hard for many years. I have never seen a Bansuri maker like him who has this kind of endurance, consistency and tenacity to make a melodious and properly tuned flute. His success is inevitable. I have all my love and affection for him.

Pt. Rupak Kulkarni

I wish to greet Subhashji and his entire team for their countless efforts and dedication towards Indian bamboo flutes.. PUNAM FLUTES... He is one of the best flute makers in the world because of top quality bamboo, tone, tunefulness and finishing of his each and every flute.. While playing Punam Flute, I feel the best and accurate tone of every note in all octaves. Quality of the flute is so nice and clear that beginner to professional, everyone love and enjoy to play. Concluding my words, I wish bright future to Punam Flutes, and appeal all flute lover to take opportunity to have nicely finished and perfect tonal flutes from Subhashji.... 🌹💐👍🏻🌸🙏🏻

Pt. K S Rajesh

I have known Subhashji for quite a long time right from when he had started making Bansuri's entering the professional arena. I have seen his dedication and commitment to everyone who approaches him for a Flute. I have been professionally playing on the Bansuri's made by Subhashji for several years now and have seen a great improvement in his standards of making the instrument catering to almost 70% of the world market. He has already made a name for himself all over the world but has remained the same humble person he was with a simple begining. Having known other professional flute makers, I can confidently say that he is unique in his approach and has made it a point to even customize the bansuri's for every single professional Flute player approaching him with a certain kind of requirement. This rare quality in him has made him grow in the international market in a very big way and even the top most flute players have been very appreciative of his instruments. He has a great command on choosing the quality of bamboos to make the Bansuri's and has collected special tools to make them in the most professional manner involving himself personally in making every single flute tuning them in the right way to maintain high standards. God Bless & Wishing him all the best for his future. K S Rajesh Banglore

Suchismita and Debopriya - Flutesisters

We have been absolutely delighted and happy to be playing Subhash Thakur’s flutes.. / Punam flutes since years now.. The easy grip and perfect tuning just makes the instrument effortless and considering flute an absolutely natural instrument requires very minimum adjustments.. the quality of the bamboo and sound is just beautiful .. We also recommend our students to use Punam flutes as we trust the quality control . Buying online flutes without trying can be quite a challenge, but with Punam Flutes one can be assured to buy a good quality flute. Best wishes to Punam flutes.

Pt. Paras Nath

When one enters the workshop of Shri Subhash Thakur, one enters an enchanting, wonderful world of flutes. One sees Subhashji and his dedicated team of flute makers diligently make high quality flutes out of every piece of bamboo that comes into their hands. For any flautist, it's such an endearing sight to be surrounded by flutes of all sizes -- it's an endless world of baansuris. Personally for me, it's a matter of great pride that Sri Subhash Thakur has become probably the best known flute producer from India. He is like an elder brother to me who has given wings to my imagination. His contribution in my growth as a baansuri player has been immense as it's he who makes just the right instrument for me. His craftsmanship has helped my creativity reach new heights. I've known Subhashji for more than 15 years and he has always been there for me with his wise words and superb flutes. He has a sound musical mind and a great ear for the right pitch. Thus, he is able to give very useful technical inputs to flute players as well as other young musicians. I've had the pleasure of working with him over the make and sound of my flutes and his inputs have widened my musical horizon. His flutes give me the freedom to play the way I want to, such is the quality of the flutes he makes. Subhashji takes great pride in his work and that is why he is now the most popular flute maker in India. He will not be satisfied with his flutes till he has achieved the right tone and pitch. As a person, despite his success, Subhashji is a humble man who believes in hard work and honesty and that is why he is so highly trusted and respected by his clients across the world. It's a matter of great pride for me that his flutes are being played in almost all continents of the world, and by globally recognised flautists. His hard work and sense of perfection help players like me make better, richer music. I wish him the very best in times to come. May he keep making those sonorous flutes and may God bring him more and more success and recognition. Paras Nath Flute player India

Pt. Pravin Godkhindi

Subhash is an amazing flute maker, very matriculate and vastly experienced. His neatness in his work, the choice of bamboos and perfect pitching makes him the one of the very few flute makers in the country. He has a wonderful sense of shruthi and his understanding of the flautists' requirements helps him produce bansuris of high quality. I wish him all the success. God bless Pt. Pravin Godkhindi Bengaluru

Napoleon.S Chennai

Respected Sri.Subhash ji, I don't know how to express my feelings after played your flutes. I have never seen such the wonderful flutes like yours. 1. To see your flutes I need an additional pair of eyes, means those are more than the word EXCELLENCE. 2. The tonal quality is... WOW! What to say! I can't BELIVE that the sound is coming from me. The sound is round with full of clarity and very very SWEET LIKE HONEY. 3. I can see some MAGIC in the blowing hole, the shape and size is just INNOVATIVE AND UNIQUE OF YOUR MAGIC TOUCH. I don't know how many artists can understand the uniqueness of your flutes and how these vary from other makers. 5. The tuning.... I have never played a flute without some adjustments or corrections in my life time, i have struggled a lot to make them in to correct tuning. But your flutes! JUST LIKE MOULDED CAKES. AND TUNING IS AWESOME! More than a pro level key flute. PERFECT!!! THANKS TO YOU AND YOUR CREWS. If Lord Krishna will alive, he will play only your flutes!!! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR TEAM. I will come soon to your place and will get a full set of flutes Thanks once again. Regards

Prem Joshua | Italy and India

One evening in Italy I made an unexpected discovery. I was invited for a dinner and the host whose hobby is collecting flutes from around the world proudly showed me the only Indian bansuri he had. Expecting the usual "tourist quality" I blew into it more out of politeness - but I was not only in for a surprise - I was absolutely shocked! This flute was a lion! It roared! The tuning was impeccable and the sound was rich, warm, even and clean in all registers. How on earth did this marvelous instrument make its way to a small house in the Italian countryside? No doubt - this bansuri was not only way beyond the average flute - but even much better than the master flutes I used to play in my concerts around the world! And mine were all made by a famous Indian flute maker! I looked at this flute and it said "Subhash" in small letters...I immediately decided that I had to meet the artist and maker of these flutes on my next visit to India. We did meet and almost no need to mention that now Subhash flutes have replaced all my previous flutes.

Pt. Chetan Joshi

Shri Subhash Thakur is one of the best bamboo flute makers in India. His valuable contribution to the field of flute making is for more than 3 decades. I myself and almost all my students, including my son Aanjaneya Joshi are using his flutes for concerts and practice. Added advantage with Subhash ji is, he himself is a flutist and good musician. Hence he understands the needs of the flutists very well. I wish him and his company Punam Flutes a very bright future.

Pt. Ravichandra (Carnatic Flute Player)

Few years back when I was desperately looking for some one to make carnatic flutes, I met Subhash ji. We spent several hours & days together trying to make professional carnatic flutes. I am so happy that I could use Subhash jis very special talent of making high professional quality bamboo flutes (both carnatic & hindustani) & I am sure I will be using flutes made by him for many many years to come . I also recommend all the flautists to try his flutes. Ravichandra Kulur

Naveen Kumar ( A R Rahman flutist)

Cut the bamboo from forest n putting oils n keep them till they get their correct color and later giving life a melodious bansuri is very unique talent...and there are lots of people does it..but i specially like mr.subhash thakur punam flutes..its not expensive.there is good range of pricing from low to high depends on ur budjet,the buyer is happy with the manufacturing according to his taste...and i personally recommend punam flutes those who are fluticians...avail the opportunity today you are getting it...go a head guys...loads of love.. Naveen kumar [

Nagaraju Talluri

I am Flutist Composer Nagaraju Talluri from Hyderabad. I have been using Punam flutes for quite sometime now. Shubhash Thakur ji is a finest craftsman in making flutes. I find his flutes not only in perfect pitch, but also very colourful and beautiful to hold. Mr. Shubhash Thakur is very cooperative and easy to deal with at the same time very professional. I strongly recommend aspiring flutists to take flutes from Punam flutes. Any musician without proper instrument is handicapped. Thank you Shubhash ji for giving us finest flutes.

Ustad Baqir Abbas

Subhash ji is one of the world's finest flute maker, he himself is a great flute player, I have played countless flutes in around 35 years of my career but ever since I got my hands on Subhash's flutes, my love for this instrument grew even more. Even the tiniest details with regards to tuning were so accurate that I have always enjoyed playing. The quality of bamboo they use is top notch and not many are using the same level of quality. The combination of bans (bamboo) and surr (tonal perfection) couldn't have been made any better, so I truly feel I'm playing a flute when I'm playing flutes made by him. I have lots of respect for Subhash and I pray he continue making these amazing flutes and I keep playing them to show the world how great the music of our subcontinent is.

Pt. Kudamaloor Janardanan (Carnatic Flute Player)

It is a great experience in playing the Flute made by Sri. Subhash Thakur. He is a flute maker who studies the style and caliber of the artiste and makes the instrument according his/her taste and acumen. I am deeply impressed with his commitment and research towards making flutes to perfection. Last but not the least, i wish and hope that every flautist would get the best and only best from Subhashji.... Kudamaloor Janardanan

Pt. V K Raman (Carnatic Flute Player)

I am very blessed that I met Subhashji .\r\nI have never seen any flute maker who puts his heart & soul in making flutes like Subhashji. He custom makes flutes for each artist to suit thier blowing and playing styles.\r\nI am completely satisfied with his divine flutes & I am sure all his flutes will be making divine music all over the world !! Flute Raman Flute Raman

A P Krishna Prasad ( Carnatic Flute Player)

Myself being a Carnatic flautist has always preferred using Punam flutes as it gives the best tonal and musical experience. Instrument making was never just a craftsmanship. Unless the makers know music closely a instrument can never be made. Shubhash ji being a flautist himself has a ability to make the flute to perfection with best tonal quality. He performs an expert evaluation of the instrument. He has a sound musical mind and an amazing ear for the right pitch. He also gives the best technical inputs to the players. As a person Shubhash ji is a very humble and kind, who has highly trusted clients from around the world. I wish him all the success and best in times to come. Regards A P Krishna Prasad , Carnatic Flautist , Mysore

G Raghuraman ( Carnatic Flute Player)

In India, the flute has a special place among all other instruments due to its connection with Lord Krishna. Our ancient literature has frequently cited the divinity of this instrument and the joy it brings to those who hear or play it. Flute is an instrument so simple in appearance yet many stalwarts spend a lifetime in mastering its nuances, both in playing as well as making them. Subhashji’s Punam flutes are perhaps the first choice for almost all the leading performers in this field. The purity of sound and mellow quality of its tone has established itself to the highest level and become an inspiration for other flute makers. Being a Carnatic Flautist, Subhashji is perhaps one of the very few flute makers who cater to both Hindustani and Carnatic style of flute making, such is his expertise. His flutes have instilled a great sense of comfort and confidence in me especially in recordings. There is a haunting beauty in his flutes, which produce the most lilting, soul stirring music. I have been using his flutes for more than 15 years and I have treasured them all.

Ustad Hanif Khan

Namaskar Everyone! It is normally said about someone who doesn't need an introduction in words " Kay aap apna taaruf hawa bahar ki hai". Such is the persona of Subhash Thakur Sb. Subhash Sb's role in my life has been very significant as the first flute that i felt was fine in tune was made by Subhash sb. I remember playing that flute numerous times on different stages. And i also recommended his flutes to many of my students across Pakistan, India, Australia and Emirates for his flutes are not just technically sound but also complete value for money. Talking about technical terms his knowledge in making flutes keeping in mind the effect of temperature and structure of bamboo is very vast. Infect Subhash Thakur Sb's improvisation upon finger board of the flute and positioning of the blowing hole has made it really convenient for the users in terms of their finger extension particularly the last one on the board. Otherwise flutes like E base and D and C# base were once considered playable only for seasoned artists like Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia sb. , Pandit Ronu Majumdar sb and Pt. Rajendra Prasanna. And its a fact that his flute playing really makes him much more qualified in making his flutes for i believe in it as one the core requirements in making flutes. In the End i would like to extend my warm wishes towards his efforts in keeping flute making and playing alive and exciting for all the professionals and learners of flute across the world. Thankyou

Navin Iyer

Subash exactly knows the characteristics of the bamboo. These flutes sound very sweet. Very precise in tuning... I am very impressed with the flutes.. If yu are serious about having professional flutes, Subash is the right person:) Subash exactly knows the characteristics of the bamboo. These flutes sound very sweet. Very precise in tuning... I am very impressed with the flutes.. If yu are serious about having professional flutes, Subash is the right person:) Navin Iyer

Sameer Rao

I feel blessed to have known Sri Subhash Thakur Ji and feel honoured to play his flutes. Being a flautist himself he understands the individual requirements of each and everyone. His selection of the bamboo, tuning and the rich tonal quality makes the flutes special. His process of transforming a raw piece of bamboo into a professional concert quality flute is just awesome. He does it with lots of love, dedication and devotion and you can feel it when you play his flutes…

Soumyajyoti Ghosh

Hello to everybody ,today m sharing a secret of my life Subhash Thakur, a name of a Real monk of bansuri ,who dedicated his entire life to this Devine instrument.. With the grace of Sri Krishna now he is the best Flute maker of the world in respect of Pitch , Sound n Bamboo quality..... As a finest flute player of AIR, Subhash Thakur has proved that without a perfect flute expert ,it wouldn't be possible to make a good Bansuri..... Since 2010 Regularly m using Punam flute's Bansuri ...For studio purpose n Stage purpose his flute is just unparalleled ... Just for him there r lots of Flute player r coming out to music industry.... Thanks to God that we have got "Subhash Thakur", the great maestro of Flute making world..

Rajat Prasanna

Subhash ji’s flutes are a game changer in the field of Indian art music. They are really well made and easier to play then the counterparts and that’s why there are so many possibilities of producing different and modern articulations on these flutes as well as to play a traditional Indian classical recital. It goes without saying that Subash ji has a very deep knowledge of the instrument, including its basic anatomy, the material choices it comes in, and how it produces its best sound and that’s why he is able to keep updating his stuff and his flutes keeps getting better and better over the years. I really enjoy my visits to his workshop, having tea and talking abt the instrument and music in general, as he always have some new knowledge to share. Looking forward to what new innovation he comes up with and Best wishes for the years to come.

Sunil Avachat

Dear Subhashji, I tested all flutes. They are of proper pitching, uniform tuning and BEST output. They posses superior quality of finishing too. Your have developed in depth knowledge to understand flutists blowing style and offer him best suitable flute in your stock. Your bamboos are of high quality. I appreciate your hard work to fulfill flutists total satisfaction. You are first flute maker I ever met who delivers full kit in shortest time span where some flutes are made by my custom needs within few hours! As a flute maker, I have detailed knowledge of this art so I can confidently say, you are master of this art who have commercially proved successful himself to spread flutes of finest quality with fastest rate of delivery and in bulk number worldwide. My best wishes to you and your team! Sunil Avachat Pune,

Nilesh Deshpande

I am totally agree with Sunil Avachat and I will add that you have achieved high Excellency in making Indian flute and your flutes can be referred for great quality. When we returned from Delhi, I performed with great Singer Arati Ankalikar Tikekar with your flutes without testing them at home(i didn't got the time actually ) and it was great, sweet output without any adjustment. Thanks again Subhash Thakur for these flutes. Nilesh Deshpande, Pune

Shriram Sampath.

Subhashji & Punam Flutes have been a huge contributing factor in my flute playing career. His phenomenal craftsmanship is the reason why Punam flutes is the first choice of so many legendary flautists. He is constantly researching & bettering the tonal quality of his flutes as well as the build & user friendliness. Being a flute player himself is a big advantage as he understands the challenges of a flute player and works towards it. Thankyou Subhash for inspiring us with your flutes. Shriram Sampath.

Dr. Anil Pillai, Abu Dhabi

I have been playing the Bansuri for 6 years, and it has been acquaintance with this great Flute maker Subhash ji that has made my journey with this amazing instrument a real pleasure. I come from abroad just to pick the great flutes that he makes. I must say that if any one is serious about improving their musical voyage they got to play the flutes Subhash makes. I feel this is not just about calculating the length and spacing the holes right, it is about the finer aspects about tuning it so that the notes become music. He gives soul to this heavenly instrument. Thank you Subhash for your contribution to the world of Bansuri. God bless your talent.

Vinod Sahgal

I have been using flutes made by Subhash ji of Punam flutes since last 20 years.. The selection of bamboo is excellent and the tonal quality and pitching is perfect.. The jawari of the flutes is amazing.. Without exerting any extra pressure you can play effortlessly.. I extend my good wishes to the entire team of Punam flutes.. Warm Melodious Regards. Vinod Sahgal

Pt. Krishna Bhandari

I have known Shri Subhash Thakur since the year 2008. He is one of the leading & best Flute makers in India. Whenever I used to visit Delhi, I used to try to make it a point to visit him, whenever possible. I remember, once, incidentally, Ronuji and myself happened to be there at his house on the same day for Bansuri selection! His tuning & sound quality are perfect, craftmanship is amazing. You just have to pick up & play. Another quality I noticed in him is, he is so humble in nature in spite of being so popular in Bansuri making in the world today. I wish him and "Poonam Flutes" all the very best and every success.

Ramachandra Dls

Subhash Thakur Ji is one of the finest Bansuri makers in the world, who is passionate about what he does and is ever willing to help his customers get the best quality flutes. He attended upon me with so much of love and care during my two visits to his home. May his business flourish by leaps and bounds!

J A Jayant

I have known subhash ji for about a decade now. His dedication, passion and love for flutes is evident in his work and craftsmanship. Flutes manufactured by him are well tuned and produce remarkable tonal quality. He gave me my first shank bansuri among so many other flutes that I use in my concerts and recordings. I was particularly happy when he made certain changes to the flute specific to my blowing and fingering techniques making it so easy for me to play with ease. Wishing subhash ji and punam flutes all the very best. Flute J.A.Jayant


My association with Subhashji since 15 years has been such a delight. I bought my first set of flutes from him way back in 2007. After this my whole musicality changed. The confidence of the notes and tuning when changing the flutes quickly gave a huge flow to my music. The tone of flutes would make my recordings sound more warm with wider frequency range. I thank Subhashji for giving us such great instruments. His efforts, dedication and hard work can be felt whenever we play his flutes. In 2018 I just visited his workshop and when I tried some of his new flutes I just made up my mind and bought another set. This one I feel is epitome of the master flute maker. He made my A flute in a few minutes according to my blowing and when I tested it was bang on the pitch. Also first time in my life I tried to play A shankh bansuri at his place and that one felt as though it was made for me but didn’t have the money for that. Subhashji insisted I take the flute since I could play it in tune. He told me don’t worry about the payment you can give me later but you take the flute. Many commercially successful people forget to trust and respect people but I was very moved with this gesture of his. I recommend all my students around the world only Subhashji’s flute and my students enjoy playing it too. I proudly and confidently say my search for good flutes ended here. Shakthidhar Bangalore

Mayank Raina

There was a time when Indian bamboo Flautists used to struggle for a good(in tune) instrument apart from all the hard work that needs to be done by a musician. This scenario totally changed after the entry of Punam Flutes into the business (topmost Flute makers in the country). Now It's been more than 15 years of relationship with Sh. Shubash Thakur Ji. He is not only a magician who makes amazing Flutes but also a good musician at the same time. His artistry is notable with the touch of elegance in his instruments. One can feel the amount of precision and perfection of his instruments by just playing one note. The sound of his instruments is very rich and convincing. All of his Flutes are perfectly tuned and have an amazing texture which helps artists like me to reach the height of their imagination. He has a vast knowledge and great command over the subject. He exactly knows what a musician wants. Now-a-days whenever I visit the workshop, he just asks me the scale I want and after that the first flute he gives is the best one, even if I try some more. An artist can not express his/her feelings until they don't have a nice, beautiful in tune instrument. The beautiful sound texture of his flutes helps to enhance the feel of an artist. There was a time when I have spent hours in just choosing one flute and he never questioned. I am grateful to him for the love and support he has shown to me everytime. He has never hesitated to share all the knowledge he has about the instrument, which definitely has helped me and always motivated me. I have been using the flutes made by him since so many years and I personally recommend everyone to try Punam Flutes. I think this is the wave of the future, and I’m so glad we could see it in action! All the hard work he has done has helped him to reach this point. I thank him for the immense contribution he has made to the subject. I also wish him all the success and may he keep on innovating the subject and making more and more beautiful flutes for all of us.

Digvijaysingh Chauhan

“When we think about buying / suggesting a flute, the very first name comes to our mind is Shubhash ji’s Punam flutes, and there are lot more reasons for that, such as Perfect pitch for on the stage- off the stage (studios) playing, a very good bamboo quality that has been selected after a long process, customization for fine tuning according to player and above all his years of experience and expertise. The way Punam flutes has set a milestone in and creating the platform for flute buyers from all over the world is unparallelly. We see this achievement as among the great contribution of Subhash ji in popularizing Bansuri in the world. I wish to congratulate for his enthusiasm and love for Bansuri and Bansuri players. If there can be any national awards to appreciate the instrument makers then we would always suggest Poonam Flutes and Subhash ji for their unparallelly work done.” - Digvijaysingh Chauhan Indian Classical Flautist Vrindaban Gurukul of Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia ji Bhubaneswar Odisha

Ramesh Kumar

It's almost 20years I'm using Flutes made by Subhas Thakur, Punam flutes. I was finding it difficult to get good quality flutes during those days. At that time, one day my guruji Pt. Pravin Godkhindi showed me some flutes of Subhasji and asked me to play and feel the quality of flutes and tone. I was totally happy and immediately contacted Subhasji regarding my requirement of flutes. Within few days I was at Delhi and got some Flutes from Subhashji. That's how it started a great relationship with him. I'm totally satisfied with the quality of flutes of both Hindustani and Karnatic style. All of my students in India & abroad are happy with the Punam flutes and I'm feeling so happy for having referred them to a good flute maker. My humble pranams to my Guruji who guided me to get best flutes and wishes to Subhashji & his team for their excellent work.

M. Srihari prasad. Flautist

I feel it is very great opportunity to me and my students to learn and play '' Punam flutes '' ..I am very happy to say these flutes are very good sound, tonal and Baboo quality...I recommend " Punam flutes " to all flute learners and all flute players...why because flute selection is very difficult to learners. But here there is no another thought. we could easily buy by online From Punam flutes website... I am Very Thankful to Punam flutes.

Murlidhar Nagraj

First of all subhash is a very good human being. i feel that is very important every flute player is known to his style of flute making. as a flute maker he is very well recognized world good wishes are always with him. Murlidhar Nagraj

Vivek Taunk

Namaskar, I am, Vivek Taunk, Flautist from Raipur (C.G.), playing flutes made by "PUNAM FLUTES" from last 20-21 years. I am thankful to Subhash ji who have always treated me as a younger brother and helped me a lot in selecting good tuned flutes. He is a revolutionary flute maker who knows how to convert a bamboo in a well tuned flute. Subhash ji has done extremely good job in making Flutes available, reachable and affordable very easily to the professional flutists and students around the globe. Which was very difficult before he started making, I too have struggled a lot for such tuned flutes. His humbleness and kindness reflects in the sound of flutes made by him. While listening to any flute player one can easily recognize the tone of flute of "PUNAM FLUTES". I thanks Subhash ji for providing well tuned flutes to all. My well wishes are always with Subhash ji and "PUNAM FLUTES". Regards: Vivek Taunk Naman Taunk

Niranjan Bhalerao

I myself Niranjan Bhalerao, flutist from the city of Aurangabad, Maharashtra. I am using Punam Flutes since last 10 years. I feel something special in flutes which are made by Subhash Thakur bhaiyya. He always guides me like an elder brother. I get all together different identity with flutes which are made by him. I feel honour to perform on flutes made by him, today Subhash Thakur has become a brand and renowned flute maker in our country. Many of my students also uses his flute. I feel very proud of him. I wish him all the best and wishing him tons of success and happiness in coming years .

Nelson Gonzalez

I have been studying bansuri by myself for almost a year but playing a pvc one... Sorry... For the whole year I' ve been searching to know who was the best bansuri maker; web pages, forums, testimonials, bansuri players. I wanted to buy the best bansuri in the world. And finally I found him!!! The final conclusion was: Subhash Thakur! I know now that 90 % of the top profesional bansuri players have his flutes! I contacted him and found one of the kindest man on earth! A really big heart!!! This week I' m going to make the purchase. I' m eager to Finally I have your flute that now is MINE!!! It was a special moment opening the carefully protected package, and to take it out was a so meanful... It looks great, smells great and sounds superb!!! Having a bansuri you made means a lot to me... the same hands that made the flutes for the greatest masters of bansuri! My thanks forever!!! Nelson Gonzalez Venezuela

Ramesh Avade

I have been playing bansuris of punam flutes for a long time. It can be played anywhere in the world . I am very satisfied with this flute which was made by Shri Shubhash Thakur, the popular flute maker whom I have know since a long time. RAMESH AVADE Baroda Gujrat (India).

Amar Oak

I have not seen such a hardworking , fully dedicated , passionate, honest and creative person like Subhashji I am in association with his family since last 15 years Basically he is an Artist first , and that makes a huge difference. He knows exactly what all problems a Flautist faces. And he has worked really hard on this May it be the bamboo quality , May it be the pitching , the threading, the look , the logo , the efficiency , the consistency , the perfection and what not Also he is keen that not only Flutes , but the cases in which we carry these also should be the world class thing N he continuously is in hunt of new inventions n creative things I am using Punam Flutes since 15 years n my hunt for a Flute maker has ended since that Thanks a ton Subhashji on behalf of all the Flautists and for being there n for all the things I mentioned

Chiranjib Dash Divine Bansuri

I always wondered about having a Punam Flutes in my Hand when I initially started playing the Flute as it seems to be the Top Brand in India and over the world . And When I purchased the 1st A Base Bansuri , I was simply mesmerized with the Tonal Quality, Build and Comfort of the Bansuri . When I visited Delhi in his Workshop, it was a Heaven of Flutes all over the places where people were crafting the instrument , making it from the Raw Bamboo to delivering the final instrument . Subhash Thakur Sir is the most humble person I have ever seen . He has a very very strong sense of Sur (Pitching) and from him I understood a lot of knowledge . The Strong Jawari (Tonal Quality) , Bamboo Quality, Extreme Comfort to fingers to play for Longer Hours and Very Smooth when playing Meends and Gamak , these all are the top qualities of Punam Flutes. I am very happy that I use Punam Flutes and I recommend everyone to start using his Bansuri. On All my Youtube Videos , I use Punam Flutes only. Punam Flutes also make many Other Products like Bansuri Cases, Flight Cases, Flute Cleaning Rods, Threads, etc. Punam Flutes is used by Top Bansuri Players in India like Pt .Paras Nath , Pt. Ronu Majumdar, etc.

Avijit Chakraborty

We, the growing musicians in this vast field of 'Hindustani classical music' are really blessed that Punam Flute has provided us with extremely tuned flutes. The biggest challenge in flute playing is to play in proper tune. We are grateful to Shri Subhas Thakur for his tremendous effort as beginner can also start his journey with a properly tuned flute in these days. As a teacher I also find beginners can effortlessly and melodiously start their journey with Punam flutes. Due to my research work in the field of Bansuri, I know Shubhas ji from last 8 years. He is one of the genuine musicians I have ever seen. He struggled a lot for more than twenty years in search of a good, melodious flute and finally he has been successful to do so. I would also like to mention that he has not only developed a great technique of making good flutes but has also opened a new dimension of making flutes .This is a now opening for many, and he has inspired a lot of new flute makers to come forward and follow his path. I think it is a commendable achievement on his part at this point, in the history of making an instrument. I wish him all the success. May his flute inspires more flute players in coming days. Warm Regards, Avijit Chakraborty

David Kettlewell (Improvisational composer, inventor, and music scholar)

When I delved into Bansuri Flutes for my personal instruments, I was guided to Subhash Thakur flutes due to their perfect intonation, feel in play, and beauty of sound. They did not disappoint. I thus say, "Subhash Thakur are the finest Bansuri flutes maker in the world."