Payment Methods


Friends, we offer various Payment Methods to complete your order. Some of them are Online Payments via PayPal, - Razorpay Both of these payment gateways accept credit & debit cards. We also accept pa... Read More

Cleaning Rod


When you play a flute, you are blowing moist air into the blowing hole, and people often store their flutes away immediately after playing, cutting the air supply. This moisture can cause fungus growt... Read More

Hole Customization


We make our flutes with two types of finger holes. The default is called "Normal" and is suited for most people. The sound quality of our flutes with normal holes is the benchmark for our sound qualit... Read More

Bansuri Flute set


We have taken out the guess work for flute players to choose flutes for their sets. We offer three different combinations of flutes with some attractive discounts. Each set come in their own special b... Read More

Maestro’s choice


“Choosing a Flute Can Be Challenging, but not when you are buying it from Punam Flutes. “ Musical Knowledge & Brilliance is a virtue one acquires from hours of music practice, however to make this jo... Read More

Bansuri Tuning


All the Punam Flutes bansuri tuning is looked after by Subhash Thakur himself. We make two kinds of Bansuri flute/Carnatic Flutes Read More

Bansuri Lessons


For Online Bansuri / flute lessons by Great Exponents of Bansuri, you can now contact us for the same. You can get personal online classes globally anytime anywhere. You can avail the classes by msn m... Read More

Bansuri & Meditation with 432 Hz


Meditation through Bansuri flutes / Bamboo Bliss/ Meditate with the Divine Flute/ The Bamboo Flute (Bansuri) and Meditation are a pair made in heaven. You can Meditate Through the Bansuri and reach... Read More