Chiranjib Dash Divine Bansuri


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Customize Engraving


We offer our customers the option to get their bansuri engraved and make it special for them. All Punam Flutes bansuri come with "Subhash" engraved on it as default, however, you can add your name to ... Read More

Bansuri Maintenance


Bamboo for making bansuri is found in the extremely humid parts of the world. As this bamboo is not anymore near to its native place i.e. it shall be taken to air conditioned studios, out-door per... Read More

Customize Threading


We have selected some combinations of different coloured threads for your flutes. You can quickly choose between five of our most popular options, or click on the more colour icon to see many more opt... Read More

Bansuri Lessons


For Online Bansuri / flute lessons by Great Exponents of Bansuri, you can now contact us for the same. You can get personal online classes globally anytime anywhere. You can avail the classes by msn m... Read More

Maestro’s choice


“Choosing a Flute Can Be Challenging, but not when you are buying it from Punam Flutes. “ Musical Knowledge & Brilliance is a virtue one acquires from hours of music practice, however to make this jo... Read More

Dealer Discount


Friends, in certain conditions of purchases made we offer special discounts to our customers. You can refer to the same in the following list: Read More

Om Symbol


You can also choose to keep or remove the "Om" symbol at the top of your bansuri. To remove the symbol from your flute, choose the "No" option for the "Top Symbol" customization option on the product ... Read More