Bansuri & Meditation with 432 Hz

22 min read | 18 Sep 2021
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Bansuri & Meditation with 432 Hz

Bansuri & Meditation –

Meditation through Bansuri flutes / Bamboo Bliss/ Meditate with the Divine Flute/

The Bamboo Flute (Bansuri) and Meditation are a pair made in heaven. You can Meditate Through the Bansuri and reach higher levels of mindfulness or Meditate To the divine sounds of the Bansuri and elevate your soul.

While the health benefits of Flute playing are numerous like increased concentration & upliftment of mood, moments of practice (Riyaz) can make you enter a meditative space where your single focus is your breath and the notes of the Bansuri.

Meditation also follows the same method where we place our focus on our Breath or a spefic object in our minds to reach higher levels of conciousness.

The basic Principles of Meditation and Flute playing are based on Wind/Breath/Air which is one the of the 5 basic elements of Nature which is why anyone instantly connects in a deeper way to the mesmerising sounds of the flute.

Many maestros and healing experts around the world consider the Bansuri playing as a form of Pranayam & Bamboo Flute music to be the closest & most preferred means to Meditate beause of its soulful and deep tone which elevates the practice of Meditation.



432 Hz Bansuri for Meditation by Punam Flutes. 

At Punam Flutes we also design and produce beautiful Bansuris tuned to 432 Hz, also known as the earth’s frequncy or the frequncy of the universe, is a particualr tuning that aligns the body & mind to sync in harmony with the frequncy of the earth/universe.

Healing experts say that music rendered in 432 Hz has a particualr healing power and can help in treatment of conditions like Anxiety, Stress, Depression , Sleep Disorders and bring about clarity in mental and emotional states.

“When I play a  bansuri tuned to 432 Hz or listen any music rendered in 432 Hz it automatically brings a feeling of calm to the mind & body and relaxes you which ultimately releases the negative energy. I firmly believe that this Tuning unites us with nature & sounds more centered & peaceful. The 440 Hz can sometimes , tonally feel a bit aggressive & Minor frequency alterations to the tuning of the Bansuri can transform the quality of feeling of the music being created.

However the difference in frequency is subtle, I highly recommend Bansuris tuned to 432 Hz if you want to play the flute for Meditation ,Music Therapy, Mindfulness & healing practices. “ –Subhash Thakur (Punam Flutes).

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