About Subhash Thakur


“The skill & art of flute-making is a blissful gift that I have been blessed with and my ultimate aim is to honor the almighty by crafting the perfect instrument and staying true to my art”.  – Subhas... Read More

How to clean fungus


Sometimes fungus grows on the bansuri in humid and cold areas, or when the bansuri is left unused for a long time. To remove the fungus, use a very soft cotton cloth and repeat the process after eve... Read More

Combo Flute set


You can be a beginner, a hobbyist, or professional Flautist; we offer different combination of flutes for all your needs. Many Flute players who are at the beginning stages or even intermediate leve... Read More

Carnatic Flute


Apart from designing and making the North Indian Bansuri, after years of research we started to make the 8 Holed Carnatic flutes that are specially used in the South Indian Carnatic music tradition. ... Read More

Pt. Ronu Majumdar Ji


India's Ace Flautist , needs no introduction to music lovers all over the globe. By virtue of his phenomenal talent, he and the Bansuri are literally synonymous. If the flute is likened to a temple, P... Read More

Pt. Rajendra Prasanna Ji with our Bansuri


It gives me immense delight that Pt. Rajendra Prasanna ji plays Punam Flutes bansuri. Whenever he visits us, he always has something to add to the bansuri which makes it even better. We are very thank... Read More

Napoleon Selvaraj Ji with our Bansuri flute


Thanks to all the distinguished ones who payed their visits during our Chennai Workshop. special thanks to Napoleon Selvaraj ji, Sasi Akashji, Narthan ji, Navin Iyer ji, Natraj ji and Charlie. It was... Read More

Rajesh Cherthala


Rajesh Cherthala is one of the top ranking Indian flutists of the South Indian music tradition and an outstanding Western music instrumentalist. He is a well known figure in the professional music ind... Read More