Carnatic Flute

15 min read | 18 Sep 2021
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Carnatic Flute

Apart from designing and making the North Indian Bansuri, after years of research we started to make the 8 Holed Carnatic flutes that are specially used in the South Indian Carnatic music tradition. Carnatic Flutes are also called as venu, karnatic, pullanguzhal, pulangoli.

However this wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Master Flautist from the Carnatic Music Tradition Mr.Ravichandra Kullur who has toured and played with the likes of legends like Pt. Ravi Shankar etc.

On a very special request from Ravichandra Kullur we tried making a customized Carnatic Flute for him. Kullur, a loyal Punam Flutes customer for many years was highly impressed with our flute building & tuning work and hence insisted that we design a perfectly pitched Carnatic Flute with the same characteristics of the north Indian bansuri. 

Being a master at his art, with his years of performing and recording experience he was able to impart some deep insights & knowledge about the style, tone and finger positions, which made us, achieve this goal.

With months of research and trying, we worked on the pitching, tuning and octave balance of the Carnatic flutes, which made our flutes stand out of the competition. We can proudly say that today, you can use our Carnatic flute to play effortlessly in any musical setting.

We request professional Carnatic flute players to contact us and make an appointment to choose the flute specially for your pitch. The contemporry Carnatic Flute designed by us has all the features of the traditional flute with our special experistise of tuning.


Beginners can buy their Carnatic flutes online as they can set their blow according to the flute.

Like we always, online buying might give you the convenience of comfortable ordering from whevere you are, but for the best results we advice you to visit the workshop & choose the best flute according to your style and blowing.

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