Combo Flute set

12 min read | 18 Sep 2021
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Combo Flute set

You can be a beginner, a hobbyist, or professional Flautist; we offer different combination of flutes for all your needs.

Many Flute players who are at the beginning stages or even intermediate level, who don’t want to buy the whole set but want to experience playing different flutes can definitely go for this option.

Typically our recommended “Combo Set “of a few flutes are – For E.g. – An E Bass Concert Flute, G Bass Flute & a medium sized Flute in C Scale.

This way you can experince the Bass tone of the E concert bansuri (You can easly play along with most of the Flute recordings as majority of them are in E scale).

Have fun the bass yet gentle range of the G Bass Bansuri, widely used in fusion and semi classical music, & last but not the least, play some beauftiul folk tunes on the sweet sounding C scale flute.

By Playing and switiching different range of flutes in your riyaz sessions, one can explore all the octaves and experince how to transpose and adjust to the different flutes which is a must for every flute player, specially the professional ones. 

Each set comes in its own stylish case with our signature-cleaning rod.

You also get an attractive discount when buying the set compared to buying the individual flutes and case.

You can see our all combo set here

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