Bansuri flute flight case

12 min read | 18 Sep 2021

Bansuri flute flight case

Flight Case has always been a necessity of every Bansuri player, professional or a student. We have received several requests over a period of time for a sturdy, safe yet easy to carry flight case made from the point of view of keeping this very delicate & precious bamboo instrument safe & sound.

A case which you do not need to take as a cabin baggage anymore, but can hold an entire set of Bansuris safe as a check in baggage.

This needed highly precise and intelligent work to develop something of this sort, which has never been done before in this manner.

We waited to get the right material, craftsmanship and a whole lot of time before we could finally present a very proud product for keeping our most precious Bansuris we travel with. It took us about 2 and a half years to develop this magnificent flight case keeping in mind factors like capacity, size, weight, safety features, flute holding mechanism, carry-along systems, locks, handles, overall design etc. Also, something which should look good while you travel along with it.

But maximum emphasis was on the sturdiness of this case. After investing a huge amount of money, time & rejecting a lot of models we developed during this process and then finally carving out something which holds best of all we could experiment, filter down & finally produce the final case hereon knowns as the "Flight Case".

We would also like to thank a lot of people who helped us in the design & development of this case, with their inputs, suggestions and most of all their perennial encouragement and trust that we can deliver what they want.

This new flight case is up for orders now, but their is a waiting time for its delivery, since there are a lot of orders in the pipeline.

Few details about this case are mentioned as follows:

Weight: 7.5 Kg Approx

Dimensions: 36 X 9.7 X 5.7 Inches

You can see all flight case here

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