Clearance Sale Discount up to 50%

17 min read | 18 Sep 2021
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Clearance Sale Discount up to 50%

We are happy to announce that we are giving our customers huge discounts through this Clearance sale on select flutes. Please visit the shop to see the percentage of discount you can avail on your new flutes. Offer valid for limited stock.

All the products listed on this page are completely and authentically in tune just like our every other flute Bansuri. However the texture of the Bamboo might be a bit different from our regular flutes.

The bamboo used to make these flutes comes from wild forests where they are exposed to bit more of sunlight, rain, and friction (by rubbing against each other) compared to the bamboo used for our regular stock of Flutes. Having said that these bamboos are old, matured and bear natural marks, patterns, and a few scratches on them with a chance of little variation in shape as well.

However, our team spends equal amount of time and effort to make sure that every bansuri flute coming out of our warehouse sounds the best, irrespective of if it is made from newer or older lot of bamboos.

The older bamboo has its own advantages and is physically & undoubtedly stronger than the younger bamboo because of the time it’s spent in the wild experiencing different seasons and weather.


We will let you in on a secret, all professional flute players never look at the physical beauty of the flute, and instead they focus on the quality of the music coming from the flute.

You can see all clearnance flutes here.


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