Bansuri Flute case and bag

32 min read | 18 Sep 2021
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Bansuri Flute case and bag

Bansuri Flute case and bag

After painstaking years of research, trial and errors we have come as close as possible to building a whole range of contemporary Flute Carrying Cases & bags. For all your storage and travel needs, be res assured that you will find a case here, be it a Single Flute Case to a full-fledged Hard Shell Travel case that can hold your full set of Bansuris. Photos of all these cases are posted on the website with detailed specifications

“We have desgined our flute cases & bags solely from the point of view of keeping the Bansuri, one of the most fragile and delicate instruments, safe & protected while travelling. Be it carrying the flutes to the studio or flying/travelling with the whole set of flutes, we needed to design a Flute case which was sturdy, easy to carry as well as stylish.” – Subhash Thakur

We have Our modern-looking leather flute cases, sturdy and lightweight at the same time, fits a full range of flutes or just a couple of flutes, are also easy to carry and offers full protection the flutes for short trip, especially when you want to hand carry it.

These stylish Leather Cases which measures up to 35 inches in length can very easily hold from a single flute to a couple of flutes. These come in Black and Brown colours respectively, with a beautiful matte finish to suit the modern day vibe. You can choose a Synthetic Hard case or a soft one, weighing max up to 1.2 kg

We also have The executive looking Leather Hard case , measuring in length upto  31 Inches & 5.5 inches wide. This rectangle shaped case can Carry upto 5 flutes at a time and comes with a number locking system. 

The Flight Case, exclusively patented to us, holds the full set of Flutes (C natural base to C sharp small) has an easily grippable hande & set of wheels to pull it along. Its also 36 Inches long, exteremly sturdy, stylish and can be checked in without any worry of damage. This case has been developed with the inputs from many memebs of the flute playing commuinty especially from master Flautist Paras Nath Ji’s inputs. It needed highly precise and intelligent work to develop something of this sort, which has never been done before in this manner.

 A close cousin of the Flight Case is the Semi Hard Case, an easy to carry, budget friendly case for your Bansuri flutes. Meticulousy designed on the idea of our bigger flight case, this one is 36 inches long, has a framework inside to protect the flutes and soft casing from the sides. Also comes with a zipper to hold items like the cleaning rod. Weighing around 2.75 kgs you can sling it or carry it with its top handle. 

Another great option for your local travels to the studio or rehearsals is theFull Set Matte Flutes Soft Case”, nickednamed The original flute set case as this was one of our earliest Flute case designs. 36 inches long to fit all your flutes, with soft casings, and a sling, this is the perfect case to carry your flutes on your two-wheeler. 

Keeping your flutes safe should be the number one priority of any Flautist, once you buy the flutes. While designing our cases and bags for flutes, we made sure that you have the strongest and lightest cases for your flutes while still looking very stylish. Our all case are listed here

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