Beginner’s Bansuri flutes

24 min read | 18 Sep 2021
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Beginner’s Bansuri flutes

Every flute player has a unique embouchue (the position and use of the lips at the blowing hole of the flute). The holding style also differs from one flautist to another. Some fluteplayers have a soft blowing style while others have a strong blowing capability. A handful lucky musicians possess the sense of perfect pitch & tuning. And everyone is at a different level of playing. How does one manage to choose the perfect Bansuri?


You have just  started flute playing, but unable to pick the right flute for yourself. Or you are a profesional flautist & wanting to upgarde your Bansuri to take your musical journey to the next level. You are at the right place because Master flute maker Subhash Thakur will help personally choose the best Bansuri for you with his expert advice & years of Flute Making experience.

If you have just started to play the Flute under a teacher, you should buy the flute that your teacher recommends. We have noticed that every teacher has his or her own recommendations, and it is best for the student to follow that.

For example, Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasia and Pt. Rajendra Prasanna recommend their adult students to play G natural Base. Pt Ronu Majumdar normally recommends A natural base to his students. Some teachers like K.S. Rajesh ji and Ananda Prasanna Patnayak (Butto) ji recommend E natural to their students.

With of years our experience in catering to different kinds of Flautist from around the world, we have recommend these three bansuris for beginners/learners who are starting to learn without a teacher.

1. C natural Medium Flute - C natural medium Bansuri flute is very comfortable to grip for a beginner/learner. The people who want to play Bollywood songs, light music and folk music will find this bansuri easier to play. 

2. A Natural Base Flute - A Natural base Bansuri flute lies right in between C natural medium and G natural base. It is easier to control your breath for A Natural base compared to C natural medium and it is easier to grip A Natural base than G natural base. 

3. G natural Base Flute - G natural base Bansuri flute is the best seller among the beginners/learners. Gripping this bansuri will take five to ten days, but you must do it absolutely correctly or you will end up in pain. So, we suggest that you learn to grip the bansuri first. For a beginner who doesn't know music and has set upon his musical journey, this bansuri is the perfect choice as it is easier to balance the blow. The sound is also very soothing as it is a base flute.

Some video will help you. 

1)How to blow into a Bansuri and how to play Bansuri (Bamboo flute)

2) How to grip Bansuri (Bamboo flute) Beginner 

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