A Natural Base Clearance Sale Bansuri Flute (Right Hand) 22.8 inches (58 cm)

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A Natural Base/ Bamboo flute/ Bansuri is a professional quality medium Bansuri. When the upper three holes are coverd by finger its the Indian A natural base scale.  key note of E natural according to the western style playing when all six holes are covered.

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Clearance Sale Flutes  might not be the best looking, but are completely in tune just like our every other flute बांसुरी. The bamboo used to make these flutes comes from forests where they are exposed to more sunlight, rain and friction by rubbing against each other and because these are old and mature bamboo, they have natural marks, pattern and some scratches on them with a chance of little variation in shape as well. However the flutes sound equally good if not better than the flutes made from newer bamboo. One more point to be noted is that because this bamboo had more time in the forest to mature, it's physical strength is more than the newer bamboo. 

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Sized : 22.8 inches approx 

Some alternate names for the scale A natural are - 

Indian - White 6 

In Europe - La 

A Natural Base - A Natural base lies right in between C natural medium and G natural base. It is easier to control your breath for A Natural base compared to C natural medium and it is easier to grip A Natural base than G natural base. 

Country of Origin - India ( Indigenous handmade musical Instrument Bansuri flute)

Generic name: Bansuri Flute

Manufacture: Punam Flutes

Material: Bamboo

Country of origin: India


For customization request, We have made a special instructions box in which the customer can ask for engraving and threading. 

Engraving: We do this handwritten and the limit to that is dependent on our handwriting. By default, Om and Subhash are already written on the flute but the customer can get it changed and it has to be a pre-paid order and there is no exchange or return after the engraving as we cannot sell this flute to someone else. 

Threading: With every product, we have put up a picture of 15 colours of threads so that it is easy for the customers. The customer can choose any 2 colours from these in which if you choose one light and one dark colour, then it makes the flute more beautiful. If any customer does not choose a color, then by default we give them maroon and orange colors on the flute. 



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