Maestro’s choice

18 min read | 18 Sep 2021
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Maestro’s choice

“Choosing a Flute Can Be Challenging, but not when you are buying it from Punam Flutes. “

Musical Knowlegede & Brilliance is a virute one acquires from hours of music practice, however to make this journey effective, its important that you practice on a well tuned & apt musical instrument to enchance your musciality.

You have just  started flute playing, but unable to pick the right flute for yourself. Or you are a profesional flautist & wanting to upgarde your Bansuri to take your musical journey to the next level. You are at the right place because Master flute maker Subhash Thakur will help personally choose the best Bansuri for you with his expert advice & years of Flute Making experience.

Every Bansuri is different & so is every player. Its crucial that you choose a Bansuri that reacts well to your style of playing. It can get challenging if you are a beginner of don’t posses the know-how about picth, tuning etc about the Bansuri, where you can take the help of experts at Punam Flutes.

Punam Flutes are one of the best Flute makers in the world  where you can live the full expeience of Choosing the perfect flute from start to end. You are just not buying a Bansuri from us, you have given us the oppurtunity to be a part of your musical journey through our flute. Hence Its my duty that a customer walks out satisfied with the right Bansuri. “ – Subhash Thakur

At Punam Flutes we offer a home stay for our customers who come from different parts of India and the world & want to spend as much time finding the Bansuri just right for them.

Every flute player has a unique embouchue (the position and use of the lips at the blowing hole of the flute). The holding style also differs from one flautist to another. Some fluteplayers have a soft blowing style while others have a strong blowing capability. A handful lucky musicians possess the sense of perfect pitch

& tuning. And everyone is at a different level of playing. How does one manage to choose the perfect Bansuri?

If if he/she are not satisfied with any aspect of the Bansuri even after spending an entire day at the workshop, I will only be happy to help again and make sure they get their perfect Bansuri.  You pick up a Bansuri from Punam Flutes and I assure you that not a single day will go by without you entirely enjoying and admiring your choice of the Bansuri” – Subhash Thakur 

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